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Sustainable Communities Review

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The journal, Sustainable Communities Review, merges traditional concerns for the environment with the social and cultural aspects of community life. The Review features cutting-edge thinking in a reader-friendly style.

Current Articles
Are we Moving Closer Towards a More Unified Definition of Sustainable Events?
by Laura Anne Hunt lee smith
Striving Towards Sustainability in the City: Reviewing City                     
by Christy Cooksey
Creating Livable Communities for All Ages: How local governments perceive their role in age friendly planning      
by Laura Keyes
Smart is the new Big Umbrella Over   Sustainability – Green- Clean, Etc.
by Phillip Andrews
Use of Social Media and Peer Networking in Tourism Microentrepreneurship
by Birendra K C , Duarte B. & Morais, George

Previous Articles
The Great Sustainability Challenge
    by Isidor Wallimann
Traditional Fishing Folk’s Knowledge on Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean Coast: A Critical Component in a Formula For Lionfish Reduction
by María Suárez Toro
Case Study Model in Resilience: Occupational Safety Health and Disaster Response to Flood at Universidad de La Sabana in Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia, South America  
by Gail Fraser Chanpong
         Sherdeana Owens
Strategies for Communication: San Patricio County Pandemic Preparedness Assessment
      by Sherdeana Owens
      Aima Jeffresswood
Disaster Preparedness: Developing Sustainable Communities for Older Adults and Other Vulnerable Populations
      by Erika Symonette
Intervention to Public Space: Community Gardening in New York and Berlin.
       by Christa Müller
Fresh supply chains for sustainable destinations: case study in La Fortuna
      by Mercedes Montero



  Spring 2018
Volume11 Issue 1,
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Fall/Winter 2017
Volume 10