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Sustainable Communities Review
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The journal, Sustainable Communities Review, merges traditional concerns for the environment with the social and cultural aspects of community life. The Review features cutting-edge thinking in a reader-friendly style.

Latest Articles
Volume 16, Issue 1 (2023)


Social Sustainability in Turkey:
Darülaceze Model

Şerif Esendemir &
Stanley R. Ingman


Predictors of Completion Status of Older Participants in Short-Term
Fall Prevention Program

Qiwei Li, Xiaoli Li, &
Keith W. Turner


Sustainable Solution for Asian Carp in the United States:
Turing “Trash Fish” To “Treasure Dishes”: A Case from Two Rivers Fisheries

Xiaoli Li, Kendall Brune,
Angie Yu, & Stan Ingman

Typification of Coffee Tours in Costa Rica:
Value of culture for rural communities

Matthew Clausen &
Eliecer Vargas

Report & Posters

Sustaining a Purposeful Life

Ryan Rogers & Allison McBryde

  Consolar Aqua-Pump Team
Solar Desalination Circulation System
Jonathan Drummond, Austin Gross, David Chamberlain, Bashar Zuaiter

Connecting Our Local Residents to Nature

Erin Garrett

Youth Corner

This is Life; Make the Change

Kennedy Moore

  Summer Camps in UNT

Robbie Ma

Diving With A Purpose Final Reflection:
Summer of 2022

Gabriela Schwartz


A Lesson Students Must Learn

Ramya Potula


I’m Enough: This Is My Indian Heritage

Thanvi Nimmagadda


Comparing Nutrient Pollution, Nitrogen and Phosphorus, in Yucatan Peninsula Sinkholes from 2018-2021

Dayani Davilla & Vanessa Vazquez

Volume 15, Issue 1 (2022)


Sustainable Mental Health Provision Options in Zimbabwe: Insights from Non-Pharmacological Practitioners

Herbert Zirima


The COVID-19 Effects on School Management and Governance:
A Case Study of Harion Municipality, Nepal

Samjhana Thapaliya & Krishna Prasad Pathak


Ecological systems theory as applied to family caregivers of older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic

TimMarie C. Williams, Ann Wilder & Jennifer Zorotovich


Sustainable Long-term Care Models: Rebuilding Senior Living Environment

Xiaoli Li, Kendall Brune, Stan Ingman, Cheng Yin


Recycling Becomes a Tool to Promote Sustainable Living and Rehabilitation

Kendall Brune, Xiaoli Li, Stan Ingman



SCR Pioneers

The Legacy of Tar Creek

Rebecca Jim brings people together to heal the land
Wendy Becktold


SCR Pioneers

Pioneer in China: The Story of Shuwei Song

Xiaoli Li



Book Review

The Struggles and Success in Community Sustainability Efforts, a book review of - Hope and Hard Times: Communities, Collaboration, and Sustainability
Cooksey Christy


Youth Corner

Good Samaritan: Sustainable Home for Seniors

Robbie Ma






Youth Corner

My high school life

Brook L. Tilahun



Previous Articles

Describing the Small Vessels Maritime Tourism
Katherine Haveman
Eliecer E. Vargas-Ortega

Special Humankind’s Role in the Universe: Smart Blue Planet of Coordinated Development Between Humankind and Nature
Song Shuwei

Toward a New Community Resilience Understanding: The Findhorn Ecovillage Case
Vicente Andrés Lombardozzi Andariza

Sustaining Long-term Care Model: Green House Experiences in COVID-19
Xiaoli Li

Residential and Community Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting in Urban Areas of Harare, Zimbabwe
Charity Tinofirei

Nursing Home Sustainability: Controlling Covid-19 Infections
Cheng Yin
Liam O’Neill
Kendall R. Brune
Rongfang Zhan

Pillars of Sustainable Health and Wellbeing among Rural Indigenous Swazi Community Women
Kayi Ntinda
Zandile C. Maseko

Community Mapping for Community Health: GIS, ICT and Citizen Engagement
Wansoo Im

Youth Corner
International Sustainability Initiatives and Local Applications: An Undergraduate Case Study in East Texas
Angus, G., R. Acevedo, E. Belzle, J. Blackmon, C. Carroll, S. Coffey, E. DeLuca, G. Hinkle, N. Johnson, C. Krnavek, T. Lenert, C. Smith, D. Thompson, J. Weihe, W. Forbes

Sustainability Culture, Ethics, Psychology, and Action:
Excerpts from Internship and Literature courses

Grizzaffi, H., M. McKay, H. Malott, J. Weihe, A. Ramos, E. Belzle,
S. Fielder, A. Koval, W. Forbes

Sustainable Marketing Strategies in Ogilvy’s Advertisements
Samara Amin

Reflections on a
Sustainability Internship

Hanna Malott

Reducing the Impact of Plastic Pollution in a Rural Coastal Area: Focus on the Hospitality Industry & Tourism of the Central Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
Andrew McGovern, Madeleine Beange, & Eliecer Vargas

Volume 13, Issue 1 (2020)| Pages: 1-25

Air Pollution and its Impact on Children in Nepal: A Brief Overview
Krishna Prasad Pathak, Stan Ingman, & Tara Gaire
Volume 13, Issue 1 (2020)| Pages: 26-32

The Micro Hydroponic Vegetable Farming: Supporting Sustainable Organic Food Production in the Community
Charity Tinofirei
Volume 13, Issue 1 (2020)| Pages: 33-36

The Social Impact of the Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Keya Sen
Volume 13, Issue 1 (2020)| Pages: 37-41

AYA: The Journey Home (Reprinted Work)
Michelle Cooke
Volume 13, Issue 1 (2020)| Page: 42

Sustainability in Community Organizing: Lessons from the Community Organisers Programme in England (2011 – 2015)
Andie Reynolds & Lucy Grimshaw
Volume 12, Issue 1 (2019)| Pages: 3-19

Sustainability as Livability: Two Community Case Studies in East Texas
Forbes, W., B. M. Murphy, M. S. Guidry, W. R. Cordova, C. L. Davis, L. K. Harris, S. M. Kosovich, E. Oliphant, H. K. Olson Beal, B. Phares, K. Rich-Rice1, C. Runnels, D. M. Rust, C. D. Sams, R. F. Szafran, & D. M. Williams
Volume 12, Issue 1 (2019)| Pages: 20-43

Application of Nanotechnology in Water and Wastewater Treatment: A short review
Sujata Mandal & Sheldon Q. Shi
Volume 12, Issue 1 (2019)| Pages: 44-49

Postmodern Prometheus A Discourse Analysis of Energy Dominance
Adam Briggle & Callie Sherrod

Volume 12, Issue 1 (2020)| Pages: 50-69

Are We Moving Closer Towards a More Unified Definition of Sustainable Events?
Laura Anne Hunt Lee Smith

Volume 11, Issue 1 (2018)| Pages:3-19

Striving Towards Sustainability in the City: Reviewing City  
Christy Cooksey
Volume 11, Issue 1 (2018)| Pages: 20-36

Creating Livable Communities for All Ages: How local governments perceive their role in age friendly planning      
Laura Keyes
Volume 11, Issue 1 (2018)| Pages: 37-49

Smart is the new Big Umbrella Over   Sustainability – Green- Clean, Etc
Phillip Andrews
Volume 11, Issue 1 (2018)| Pages: 50-56

Use of Social Media and Peer Networking in Tourism Microentrepreneurship
Birendra K C , Duarte B. & Morais, George

Volume 11, Issue 1 (2018)| Pages:57-69

The Great Sustainability Challenge
Isidor Wallimann
Volume 10, Issue 1 (2017)| Pages:3-6

Traditional Fishing Folk’s Knowledge on Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean Coast: A Critical Component in a Formula For Lionfish Reduction
María Suárez Toro
Volume 10, Issue 1 (2017)| Pages: 7-22

Case Study Model in Resilience: Occupational Safety Health and Disaster Response to Flood at Universidad de La Sabana in Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia, South America  
Gail Fraser Chanpong & Sherdeana Owens
Volume 10, Issue 1 (2017)| Pages: 23-32

Strategies for Communication: San Patricio County Pandemic Preparedness Assessment
by Sherdeana Owens & Aima Jeffresswood
Volume 10, Issue 1 (2017)| Pages: 33-40

Disaster Preparedness: Developing Sustainable Communities for Older Adults and Other Vulnerable Populations

Erika Symonette
Volume 10, Issue 1 (2017)| Pages: 41-47

Intervention to Public Space: Community Gardening in New York and Berlin.
Christa Müller
Volume 10, Issue 1 (2017)| Pages: 48-59

Fresh Supply Chains for Sustainable
Destinations: Case Study in La Fortuna
Mercedes Montero

Volume 10, Issue 1 (2017)| Pages: 60-77